Music Streaming

The range of products on the market has made music streaming very popular with iTunes and MP3 music formatting.

Sonos is a popular budget brand. One of the first MP3 based music streamers, the great thing about it is that it’s wireless, so if your home has already been decorated then it is the perfect solution for listening to your MP3’s, radio or music services like Spotify or Tidal.

However for music purists who like listening to CD’s or records Sonos may not be the perfect solution.

Linn are well known for making quality CD players and amplifiers for years. However, they also do streaming players. The great thing is that whilst you can play your MP3 music on a Linn system, it will also play back music at CD quality and higher. Linn has its own music store where you can also purchase music at master studio quality.

We also use Autonomic, another high-end player, this is not a wireless system but an integrated system we recommend as part of our smart home solution.

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