Creating Your Home Cinema Experience

Home cinemas are a superb addition to any home. If you really enjoy the big screen experience, then you may have an appreciation of how high quality video enhances your TV and film enjoyment. Add to this, outstanding 5.1, 7.1 surround sound or even the latest Dolby Atmos audio technology and your home cinema will be the most popular room in the house!

Of course, there are many home cinema solutions to suit every budget. If you have an eye and ear for quality, then it would be our pleasure to guide you through the maze of products in the market and help you select the ideal home cinema system.

No room is too small for a home cinema installation as long as it is designed well. Great care has to be taken with regard to the size and shape of your room, including the furniture, as this affects the ambience and the way in which sound travels throughout the room.We, at Soundz Good, work closely with you to ensure optimum sound quality is achieved for every room specified in your home. When designing a dedicated cinema room for you, we can also provide 3D room plans showing room layouts to include screens, speakers, projector and furniture. It’s a fantastic way for you to see your new home cinema room before it’s built.

Soundz Good are specialist home cinema designers and have many years’ experience delivering home cinema solutions for clients like you, particularly in and around London. It’s what we do well, and love doing. These can be a dedicated cinema room or part of a living area, from having a Kaleidescape home cinema system with large television screen or the best home cinema projector and screen with any size requirements. All you need is the imagination to create the room of your dreams, and let us do the rest!

With quality at the heart of every product selection in your design, it’s important we work closely with, and select from, the best manufacturers of audio-visual products. This ensures you receive a fully compatible and highly desirable home cinema solution, providing you with many years of high quality entertainment.

Your home cinema installation may include:

  • Multimedia Projectors or large format 4kTV
  • Cinema 7.1 surround sound
  • Kaleidescape Encore System (formally known as Kaleidescape Cinema One)
  • Bespoke cinema lighting
  • Acoustic treatment
  • Cinema seating
  • An all in one controller for the cinema room or where required, integration with home automation system

The first step towards enjoying your new home cinema is to email us at or call us on 020 8416 7271 / 07961727171 for an initial consultation.

It’s ideal to view and listen to the latest audio-visual products and this will provide you with a much better appreciation of how this quality heightens your senses whilst viewing. Please accept our personal invitation for you to visit our demo-room for a home cinema experience, by appointment only.

It would be our pleasure to create a unique home cinema room for you.

Our Home Cinema Installation Solutions Include:

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