At Soundz Good, we are often asked to quote for a home cinema installation in London and the surrounding areas. Of course, there are a mix of requests from the design and installation of a dedicated home cinema room to the more generic ‘can I have a price for a new TV?’

As specialists in home cinemas, it is important that you receive as much information as possible to help you decide what’s best for your home. This is why we’ve written this article. So rather than discuss specific products, let’s answer some of your questions:

Q. I’ve only got a small room. Will it be big enough for a home cinema?

Virtually any room can become a home cinema. As long as you have the space for a TV and somewhere to sit then the room can be converted.

Of course, there are recommended safe-viewing distances from your TV screen to your chair, which is measured as 1.5 times the size of your TV screen (diagonal size). The average size of a TV screen has been increasing over the years, however, bigger isn’t always better. Let’s say that you already own a 55 inch TV. The recommended distance you should view from is 82.5 inches, which equates to around 7 feet. It’s important you follow advice regarding screen size and remember the recommendations.

Larger rooms allow you more options in respect of the equipment required to provide you with the best home cinema experience. Of course, a dedicated cinema room is something else. They look amazing and really impress your friends and family. With rooms like this, there is no need to visit the cinema at all!

The key to a good home cinema experience is the combination of screen size AND the sound. One without the other doesn’t work, although sound is the most important factor due to the fact that it moves you sonically, i.e. You feel it.

Q. I don’t want my living room to look like a techno-geeks bedroom.

With many home cinemas being multi-function rooms, it is important that they retain the style and look to entertain you or your guests without an array of electronic gadgets. This is where good design makes a huge difference. High-quality speakers can be hidden and in the walls and/or ceiling. Of course, once designed by us, your TV may remain in the optimum viewing position. This is where a control system works beautifully as it allows components such as amplifiers, blu-ray players, Sky boxes etc to be hidden. The control system, such as Control4, is excellent in providing complete automation of the entire room and can be controlled from a smart phone, tablet or Apple watch.

Q I don’t want big bulky speakers in my room. There isn’t enough space and they’ll look awful.

High quality speakers are rarely an eyesore these days. Many look fantastic although it’s appreciated this is down to personal taste.

If your room is a multi-function room rather than a dedicated home cinema, then it’s recommended you select Artcoustic range of speakers. Through many years of testing, we use and recommend Artcoustic speakers for their looks and amazing sound quality. As the name suggests, they look like a picture on the wall. They’re very clever and provide an outstanding sound.

Alternatively ceiling speakers are superb but they must be high quality directional speakers, pointing towards the viewer rather than pointing towards the floor. Most people don’t notice they are present in the room unless you point them out.

It is always recommended to use extremely high quality speakers as they really do deliver the best sound. Speakers should be positioned behind the screen or around a TV for the best possible sound. It is recognized in the industry that for optimal performance, sound travels from the screen, which is where you, the viewer, will be looking. This provides best experience. All cinemas have numerous speakers behind the large screen for this reason. There is no point having the sound travelling from a different direction as it interrupts the entire performance and presents a poorer overall experience.

Q Do I need special seating?

If you are planning to convert your room into a dedicated home cinema, then of course, special seating helps to create the ambiance of the room. If you are looking to impress, then the quality of seating available today will certainly help you achieve your goal.

Soundz Good will design and install your entire room, which includes seating. You can therefore select from a good range of styles and colours of home cinema seating.

Q Where will you install the projector?

For rooms over 4m long you have the choice to use your standard TV or use a projector and screen. A home cinema does not require a projector to be fully functional. You will find that it’s not the screen that makes the experience but the sound. If the sound is correctly designed and installed, then you will have a great home cinema experience. Poor sound does not create good experiences.

As quality designers and installers of home cinemas in London, it is important that we view your room, take accurate measurements and fully understand your overall plans for the room before providing you with a quotation. Furniture plays a significant part in how sound travels in a room. Therefore, planning any home cinema installation requires attention to detail. Moving or replacing a piece of furniture may change the sound in a room depending on whether it is being used to absorb or bounce the sound.

Design is the critical ingredient to optimize the sound quality and viewing experience you desire. Buying a number of quality components does not guarantee that you will achieve the home cinema experience of your dreams. When you are serious about creating your dream home cinema, call us on 020 8416 7271 to arrange an appointment in our demo room and/or to arrange your no obligation, home visit. You can also email or use the enquiry form via the contact button below, leaving your telephone number for a swift reply.

The key is to design the control system to make all of the components work in perfect harmony.

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