When you invest in a home entertainment system, the biggest question is ‘How you intend to play your films and television series?’ Of course a standard blu-ray DVD player will provide good picture. But, when quality matters and you want to invest in the best equipment (especially if you wish to create a stunning home cinema experience) then Kaleidescape is the system for you

What is Kaleidescape?

Kaleidescape Movie ServersThere are a number of products in the Kaleidescape UK range which you’ll discover later. Kaleidescape provides the highest quality players for your home entertainment system. Whether this is playing your existing DVD or blu-ray DVD, or downloading the latest movies or TV series from the fantastic Kaleidescape Movie Store… more about that later.

Kaleidescape are the ONLY company in the world to have been granted the licence from the large movie giants such as Sony, to play and store their movies. This superb system allows you to download and store films and TV series from the Kaleidescape Movie Store which are then deemed as your copies.

Depending on your current disc format, Kaleidescape players can play up to the latest 4K high-definition quality. As you can imagine, this surpasses ordinary blu-ray and provides the highest definition viewing. It’s perfect for people like you who love film and wish to enjoy a movie on a large screen with superb clarity, depth of colour and without any buffering. If you love film, why wouldn’t you want the highest picture quality?

Impress your friends and family as they watch their favourite films in the latest format, bringing more clarity, more colour, more everything into the room! It’s only available with Kaleidascape Encore in conjunction with the Kaleidascape Movie Store.

Let’s take a closer look at the Kaleidescape UK product range:


Kaleidescape Encore System

Kaleidescape Encore System

Described by Kaleidescape as the ultimate in video and audio fidelity, Kaleidescape Encore plays video from the Kaleidescape Movie Store in fabulous 4K ultra HD or high dynamic range video. The beauty with the Kaleidescape Encore System is that it is can scale to fit any home cinema or entertainment system. It is considered to be the best match for the latest range of 4K televisions and projectors including all modern AV control systems.

Kaleidescape Strato Movie Player

Kaleidescape Strato is an award-winning 4K ultra HD high-dynamic-range movie player. It will you’re your movies without buffering or loss of picture quality at any time. Strato supports the highest quality audio formats such as Dolby Atmos which means that your viewing experience is only limited by the number and quality of the speakers you install alongside this system.

Kaleidescape Strato can be purchased with or without the internal 6TB hard drive. This amazing hard drive can store up to 100 4K Ultra HD films, 200 Blu-ray quality films or 900 DVD quality films. Strato requires films to be downloaded from Kaleidescape Movie Store as this is the only place to purchase films in this high quality format.

Kaleidescape Alto Movie Player

The Kaleidescape Alto Movie Player (formally known as Kaleidescape Cinema One) has the added benefit of an internal optical reader which means you can insert DVD or blu-ray DVD direct into the player.

This also connects to the Kaleidescape Movie Store although does not have the capability to play 4K Ultra HD high dynamic range.

The Alto Movie Player is available with or without an internal 6TB hard drive that can store up to 200 Blu-ray quality movies or 900 DVD quality movies.

Whilst Kaleidescape Strato provides the ultimate cinema viewing, it is still capable of playing standard DVD or blu-ray discs. So, if you have a large collection, but would prefer to upgrade your viewing in the future, you could store your existing discs on the Kaleidescape disc vault and watch your old movies in the format you own and all of your new movies in the highest quality format available. The only downside to this is that once you experience the quality of highest format, you may find your viewing experience is not quite the same with the old movies.

The quality is so good in 4K Ultra HD that you may wish to re-purchase some of your old favourites in the latest format from the Kalieidescape Movie Store.

Watch out for the High Dynamic Range

High Dynamic Range is the latest in imaging. It displays a wider and richer range of colours with much brighter whites and deeper darker blacks. This translates on screen presenting a much more dynamic picture, hence the name.

This new standard in “colour management” preserves the detail in colour which has previously been almost lost in standard format productions. High Dynamic Range offer more natural, true to life colours that are closer to how we actually see them in real life.

This enhancement to colour draws the eye deeper into the picture further enhancing the overall enjoyment of the picture/film being shown. It’s incredibly clever technology, and most certainly a format that will continue to receive more attention. The latest quality TV’s and/or projectors will most likely have the capability to play in high dynamic range.

Kaleidescape Premiere System

This system is ideal for people who have large collection of DVD or blu-ray DVD’s. It consists of three core products:


I began this article with a question because home cinema design requires a great deal of thought. If you don’t have many discs and therefore you’re starting from scratch, then you’re in for a real treat. The Kaleidescape Encore System is by far the ultimate in quality for your home cinema system.

Expect new films to be added to the Kaleidescape Movie Store on a regular basis. With such amazing quality at your finger tips, especially movies with high dynamic range, viewing really doesn’t get any better than this.

For existing film buffs with large collections, the choice is a little tougher. Do you use your entire library and build your home cinema system, with added flexibility to watch movies in every room in the house, or do you take the plunge and go for a substantial upgrade? Of course you could decide to invest in the Kaleidescape Disc Vault to house your entire collection, bolting this on to the new Kaleidescape Encore System featuring the Kaleidescape Strato Movie Player or Kaleidescape Alto Movie Player and enjoy the best of the best.

It’s always recommended to discuss your home cinema ideas with an expert. This allows you to see a demonstration of the system in our demo room, and also for us to visit your home and provide the best recommendations to ensure your home cinema is the best room in the house!

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