The kids are on holiday and you’re not interested in the Olympic Games. You require more entertainment and need to find the best option. Look no further, let me introduce you to Kaleidescape.

It may be that you’re currently considering investing in home automation or simply want to improve your home entertainment system, there isn’t a better time to consider investing in Kaleidescape.

What is Kaleidescape?

Kaleidescape is simply the gold standard in home movie entertainment.

“Kaleidescape is the only company in the world who have the license agreement from the major movie production houses to distribute their films via a download.”

With download speeds from most networks increasing, and the amazing vault of movies available from Kaleidescape, you really cannot get any better; this is the ultimate movie viewing experience, available in your home, AND it can be yours within 48 hours – see later!

4K Ultra HD

If you are a movie buff and prefer the highest quality viewing experience, then the award-winning Kaleidescape Strato is THE movie player for you. It is the world’s first 4K Ultra HD quality movie player, guaranteed to be free from buffering or drop outs that can be so annoying. It is available with or without an internal 6TB internal hard drive which can store up to 100 4K, 200 Blu-ray quality movies or an incredible 900 DVD quality movies.

As you can imagine, the ultimate quality in film ensures you have the best viewing of the films available in this format.

Kaleidescape Alto

Kaleidescape Alto

If the 4K Ultra HD quality is not for you then you can select Kaleidescape’s Alto system. This is designed to work with Kaleidescape’s amazing movie store, the ONLY movie store you will ever need.

Kaleidescape Alto will give you access to:

  • over 11,000* movies
  • around 2,000* TV seasons
  • New releases to download before they are available on disc
  • 4K Ultra HD, Blu-Ray or DVD quality

(*US numbers, these may vary slightly in the UK)

Kaleidescape Movie Store

Want to know more about the brilliant range available from Kaleidescape? then click here. They’re amazing!

If, this short article has wet your thirst to own the best movie home entertainment system, and you live in London or the surrounding home counties, then you’re in for a treat. You can have this system fully installed within 48 hours after payment is received, (subject to stock availability).

For more information, I recommend you contact us on 0208 416 7271 or use the button below.  We’d be delighted to rush you this truly amazing viewing experience and install it for you.