Audio visual installation in Northwood

Audio Visual Multi Room

Multi-room AV systems are where you are able to listen to and watch different music and video through your home.

As for the video sources these include Sky/Virgin, blu-ray players, Apple TV, and Kaleidescape. These can be viewed in different rooms of the house or giving you the option of watching different movies or channels in different rooms, depending on the number of sources (Sky/Virgin boxes). Music systems start from MP3 distribution, which includes Sonos, or CD quality from Kaleidescape or high-end studio master quality from Linn.

Sonos is a budget solution. Single room solution can cost as little £170. This is a good little system for music and can be part of a multi-room system. Linn provides you with studio master quality and is a solution for music fanatics who want amazing high-end quality music.

Coupling this with speaker solutions from Artcoustic, Monitor Audio we can provide you with a state of the art music experience.Music can be incorporated from your own personal library, Spotify, iTunes and Internet radio.We can provide LED’s and OLED’s in a range of sizes from all the leading manufacturers; these including LG, Panasonic, Samsung and Sony.

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