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Control4 Home Automation is changing the way we upgrade our homes.

Why settle for old, inflexible lighting, heating, security and entertainment systems that only provide simple on/off functionality when there are so many customisable opportunities for you and your family to enjoy.

Control4 Home Automation solutions allow you to customise every room in your home, at any given time to suit your current emotions or events.This includes entertainment, room temperature, lighting and security – in other words you set the parameters for one or multiple rooms to suit you, your family and/or guests immediate requirements.

You can be partying in one room with the lights and entertainment systems providing a great atmosphere, and then there’s the quiet snug where you can enjoy each others company in a more relaxing and fitting setting.

Simply put, Control4 Home Automation is the most robust, exciting and superior upgrade to your home and your lifestyle.

Home Automation Solutions


Control4 Controller

Control4 controller is the brains in the Control4 Home Automation System. It allows all of the devices to receive your instructions, and monitors that they are functioning correctly. This controller is able to successfully integrate multiple systems such as entertainment, heating, lighting, security to enable you to have full control of your home using the Control4 Interface. All Control4 controllers are fully compatible with the latest in entertainment, security, lighting etc and tablets/smart phone devices.

There are three Control4 controllers, EA1 EA3 and EA5.

  • Control4 EA1 controller is your starter system, able to fully control a family room, therefore providing all of the control functions for a contained area.
  • Control4 EA3 controller is ideal for small / mid-size houses providing multiple room functionality across the numerous systems from entertainment to lighting.
  • Control4 EA5 controller is the most advanced and powerful of the series, able to control hundreds of devices throughout your home. If you are looking for the ultimate smart-home experience then EA5 is the controller for you.

Control4 Lighting System

A Control4 lighting system provides you with the flexibility to set the mood for every room. Using the Control4 controller or your smart phone, tablet or Apple watch, you can easily set your lighting to switch on as you enter the room. You have the option to dim the lights or even program the controller to turn the lights off if the room is empty.

For security purposes, your lighting system can be programmed to work alongside other devices. So, for example, your lights can flicker if somebody is at your front door. Isn’t that clever. Additionally, you can still control your lighting whilst away from your home. If you are on a night out, visiting a friend or on holiday, you can use your smart phone to turn on/off lights throughout your home, giving the impression that you are at home.

Your Control4 lighting system allows you to enjoy your home by creating the mood in the room. It also allows you to provide an extra layer of security whilst being energy efficient.


Control4 Interface

The Control4 Home Automation system is able to fully run your home without any human intervention. However, there are always circumstances when you feel like a change or the situation at home requires a change in your current settings. The Control4 interface allows you to talk to the system and change the settings to create the environment you require. This is perhaps the most important aspect of any smart home providing you with complete control, all at the push of a few buttons.

The Control4 Interface can range from a touch screen on the wall of each or any room in your home, or the Control4 remote control device similar to your current entertainment system with a screen for you to monitor the changes. For convenience, you could also use your latest tablet, smart phone or Apple watch as your interface using the Control4 app. It’s so easy to use and allows you to decide which interface format you are most comfortable with. Of course, you can use multiple interfaces to give you the ultimate flexibility in controlling your smart home.


Control4 Thermostat / Climate Control

Most homes have a very basic thermostat that allows for one temperature setting. The age of the smart home has finally transformed how you can control heating in your home. Control4 wireless thermostat sets the bar for ultimate control of your climate as part of your Control4 home automation system. The old thermostat/heating system provided a relatively rigid approach to heating your home.

Control4 Thermostat and climate control provides you with a myriad of options. Using the Control4 controller and interface, you decide which rooms you require heating, when you want the heating on and at what temperature. You can set different temperatures for different rooms and all of this is possible whilst remaining in your chair watching your favourite film. It’s not only clever, it’s so effortless to achieve total control of your climate at any time. On a cold day, you could dial into your heating system from your smart phone, ensuring the house is lovely and warm when you return. You see, you don’t need to be in your home to re-set the heating, which guarantees you return home to environment you choose.

Of course, the options are astounding. With easy control in every room, Control4 thermostat and climate control provides the best conditions to suit all tastes. The sheer flexibility and control features allows everybody in your home to set the conditions they like best for their particular room.


Control4 App

The Control4 App is a user interface that lets you easily connect and control your Control4 home automation systems using your smartphones and tablets.

Available on:

  • IoS
  • Android
  • Amazon Fire.
  • PC / MAC

With the growing demand for smart wearable devices, Control4 App is also compatible with Apple Watch.

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