Floor standing speakers…What’s all the fuss?

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Floor standing speakers…What’s all the fuss?

From the beginning of stereo sound where users have become accustomed to having a faithful reproduction of sound with little or no distortion – floor-standing speakers have been the favoured type for serious music listening. With no need to place on a table or stand, and large enough to house multiple speaker drivers (More about this later)

Floor standing speakers are often regarded the “Premier” speaker option providing greater bass response and scale. Known by another term “tower speakers”, they can deliver an awesome, full sound that’s difficult to match.

In a nutshell – floor standing speakers have become the benchmark for audiophiles and music lovers.

We know that if you’re just starting out looking for a set of floor standing speakers, the choices may seem overwhelming. So, being armed with some prior knowledge can save you a lot of time and could prevent you from ending up with a set of speakers that don’t meet your needs.

It must be said that choosing the right speakers is important for several reasons. First, speakers are an investment, you’re probably going to live with your choice for quite a few years. Second, we regard the purchase of speakers as possibly the most important part of your sound system.

To give you a small overview, loudspeakers have a three-way audio speaker which produce sound from three separate devices called the mid-range, woofer and tweeter drivers, each of which has its greatest efficiency in a specific range of frequencies. As the drivers are optimised to work in a given range, the speakers deliver a clear, accurate sound!


  • Drivers come in different sizes and modes, but generally, you’ll find three types, based on the frequencies they handle:
  • Tweeter driver: These handle the high-frequency treble range (above 2,000 Hz).
  • Midrange driver: These handle the midrange frequencies (200 Hz to 2,000 Hz).
  • Woofer driver: These handle the low-frequency bass range (below 200 Hz).

Where to start with your floor speaker purchase?  At the lower end of the market you have the Definitive Technology BP series.

This series offers the big, room-filling, yet precise sound you demand with an elegant footprint that makes every single day of ownership a marvel to behold.

BP Series

At the higher end of the market you could go with the Meridian range of floor speakers, these speakers have an ingenious, yet elegant design.  Meridian loudspeakers have become renowned throughout the world, winning numerous accolades and awards for their outstanding design and performance.


Also, at the higher end of the market you could opt for Paradigm floor standing speakers with their sleek aesthetics and competitive performance, designed and engineered to be a complete music and home theatre solution!


Once you have found an audio setup with floor standing speakers that you will like, we are certain you will never go back! The seamless sound experience will have you hooked!



Each project starts with a consultation along with an invitation to visit our demo room so that we can discuss your requirements. From design to installation we will work together with you whether it’s a single room solution, multi-room solution or complete home solution you want. We are experienced in managing all types of projects.

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