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Intelligent Lighting Controls

Intelligent lighting controls help to create different lighting scenes to suit your needs. Smart home lighting cannot only create a different ambiance but can also be used as a home security function.

Work with our installer and create a variety of different mood lighting scenarios for every room. Change the lighting in your living room if you are watching a film, having a romantic evening or socialising with friends or family.

Intelligent lighting controls can incorporate energy efficient lighting using LED’s, including LED mood lighting.

It can allow you to set automatic timers so your lights will go on in the evening and off during the day, providing you with a sense of reassurance whilst away from your home.

A smart home intelligent lighting system can control the whole house or designated zones that you have specified.

Mood lighting can be programmed so you can control the lighting you want based on particular scenarios or events

Our lighting systems can be controlled independently via simple wall switches or by using a tablet or a smartphone and can also be integrated as part on your smart home solution.

Our installers will work closely with you to ensure you get the maximum benefits from the wealth of features that intelligent lighting can offer. We will integrate your lighting system to fit in with your smart home technology, allowing you ease of access to control your whole house from your armchair or even simple touch of a button remote control lighting from your hotel room when you are away on holiday.

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