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Kaleidescape Home Entertainment System

To serve the luxury home cinema market today, Kaleidescape created an online Movie Store that offers extraordinary movies in 4KUltra HD Blu-ray quality and beyond.

Kaleidescape has license agreements with 29 studios, and their content offering includes timeless films from all the major Hollywood studios. Kaleidescape are the only online source for movies with full-fidelity audio and video for luxury home cinema.

In essence, Kaleidescape have transitioned from being a products-only company to a products and content company.

Kaleidescape playback delivers a richer experience than streaming services because we deliver much more information to the audio processor and to the display.


To be specific, Kaleidescape delivers six to eight times more information for 4K Ultra HD video and between 25 and 60 times more information in surround-sound audio compared to the best streaming.

Kaleidescape Movie Players and Servers

Home cinema installation in Northwood

Kaleidescape Movie Players and Servers

Described by Kaleidescape as the ultimate in video and audio fidelity, Kaleidescape Movie Players and Servers from the Kaleidescape Movie Store in fabulous 4K ultra HD or high dynamic range video. The beauty with the Kaleidescape Encore System is that it is can scale to fit any home cinema or entertainment system. It is considered to be the best match for the latest range of 4K televisions and projectors including all modern AV control systems.

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Kaleidescape Disc Vault

  • Store up to 320 blu-ray DVD’s in the disc vault
  • For more movies, connect additional disc vaults to ensure your full collection is safely stored.
  • There are currently two disc vaults to choose from, the Kaleidescape DV700 or M700.
  • The vault catalogs your collection proving easy access via a search facility.
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Kaleidescape Disc Server

  • Two servers to choose from, these hold the stored version of the film in the vault.
  • Without the disc, the film will not play. This ensures only genuine blu-ray discs are stored in vault.
  • The servers are available in 1U or 3U and are capable of storing up to 1950 blu-ray movies.
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Kaleidescape Movie Player

  • There are two options here too – M500 movie player or M300 Movie player (Although the M700 disc vault is also a player.)
  • Using these players, movies will start instantly without any advertisements or trailers.
  • You can store your favourite scenes.
  • The players can be situated throughout your house so, in essence you could have M700 or M500 for your home cinema and M300 connected to your TV in the bedroom.
  • It’s a fully scalable system depending on the size of your home and the number of movie players you require.
  • Provides incredible flexibility and that’s why it is considered by many to provide an incredible home cinema experience.

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