Lighting Control


Lighting Control

Lighting control systems can be controlled via wall switches, mobiles or touch panels, making this system controllable from anywhere in the world, the  option of timer settings is also available, giving you security and peace of mind wherever you may be.  Your lighting control system can be programmed and designed to include your personal preferences for lighting ie. mood lighting.

Lighting control systems can be a standalone system or part of a control system like Control4.  Systems like Rako and Lutron are predominantly lighting systems, where as the Control4 lighting system is much more than just this.

Control4 light switches allow you to control your;

  • lights
  • music
  • television
  • blinds/curtains

Lighting Solutions

All three of the lighting systems mentioned above have two versions; one being wired and the other a wireless version.  There are benefits and disadvantages to both of these.  Here is a brief description;

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Rako and Lutron – Wireless Systems

These work on a wireless network, which means if your wireless network at home went down, you would be unable to control the lighting.  However, wireless systems are not only more cost effective but can also be retro fitted.

Control4 – Wireless Systems

The difference between the Control4 wireless system and that of Rako and Lutron is even though it  is wireless, the wall switch is actually wired to the lighting that it controls.  Which means even if your wireless network went down, you would still be able to control your home lighting from the wall switches.

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Control4, Rako and Lutron – Wired Systems

As the name suggests, all these systems are wired and therefore need to be cabled accordingly.  Benefits include slightly faster response times, more versatile as can be used with a variety of lighting and loads.  However, costs are higher than a wireless system.

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