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Meridian Audio Dealers

Soundz Good Ltd are proud to be approved Meridian Audio Dealers.

Established in 1977, Meridian Audio has spent nearly 40 years developing award winning audio systems, continuously striving to provide an awe-inspiring sound.

You need to experience the products for yourself to fully appreciate them!

Here is a brief overview of some of the main Meridian Audio products:

Meridian Speakers

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Meridian Streaming

Whether you are looking to play music from your own device, a hard disc storage device or access the internet, Meridian Audio has the perfect streaming solution for you.


With the free iPad/iPhone app, you can control individual rooms and create zones.


Products include:

  • Meridian Media Core 200 – able to store up to 2,000 CD albums at full lossless quality
  • Meridian Media Source 200 – enables you to enjoy your music in an extra room
  • Meridian Media Core 600 – offers a complete multi-room system (up to 6 independent zones or rooms) with an internal library of up to 10,000 albums
  • Meridian Media Source 600 – high performance, for use with the Meridian Sooloos Digital Media System
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Meridian Surround Sound System

Sitting at the heart of the ultimate home movie system is the Meridian 861 Reference Digital Surround Sound Controller.


  • Links all audio sources together
  • USB input for computer playback
  • Full integration with Meridian Sooloos
  • 8-Channel SpeakerLink
  • Enhances listening experience using ‘Meridian Room Correction’
  • ‘What Hi Fi’ – 5 Star Award
Audio visual installation in Northwood

Meridian Amplifier

If you are looking for optimum performance from your loudspeaker, combining it with a Meridian Amplifier will provide just this!

There are 2 amplifiers available:

  • G55 Power Amplifier (replaced Meridian 555)

Designed to compliment with the look of G65 Sound Controller
Contains 5 identical 100 watt amplifiers (based on Meridian’s award winning DSP8000 amplifier technology)
Single ended & balanced analogue inputs
Unique bridging system for higher power & Flexibility

  • G57 Power Amplifier (replaced Meridian 557)

Designed to match other G Series components
2 x channels of 200 watts, and can be bridged to provide 1,000 watts of mono power
Can also partner the 800 series

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